Monday, June 6, 2011

Boblitt Family Edition of "Kids Say the Darndest Things"

I just had to post about these for journaling purposes.  All of our girls say the funniest things from time to time, but Mykee has the most of her daddy's personality by far! :)

Mykee:  About a month ago Mike's gma took us out to lunch for our birthdays.  While waiting for our food, Mykee was playing a game on my phone.  Getting distracted, as she does often, the phone locked itself after 30 seconds.  When she noticed, Mykee in frustration says, "Damn it!" & throws her hands up.  Oh my word.....

Mykee: Last weekend, we were waiting in the drive thru to get the girls something to eat.  Mike & I were having a conversation, when Mykee buts in, "Shut your hole Daddy".  Doing our best not to bust out laughing, after the "d word" incident, Mike lectures her that she shouldn't say that.  Mykee's reply, "But why Daddy?  I didn't say any bad words."  LOL

Mykee: A couple of weeks ago after work, Mykee, Maycie & I stopped to grab Mike McDonalds since he was working late.  I bought a snack size McFlurry for myself.  About 10-15 minutes later, Mykee (who asked for french fries so I got her some) asked for some ice cream.. I apologized & told her that i was all gone.  You would have thought the world ended.... She starts crying,"Mommy, you just ruined my day.  I wanted some ice cream, & you should have asked me if I wanted some.  It's not fair, you should have shared with me."  When I tried to apologize to her & tell her it was an accident, I didn't know she really wanted some, her response, "It wasn't an accident, you knew mommy!"     Omgosh, I felt like the worst mommy ever, :(  LOL

Mykee again:  Last night on our way home from San Diego, we ran something over & had a blow out.  It was late,  in the middle of the desert, the girls and I were all asleep.. Cell phone service was not reliable, so it was not a fun night at all.  While waiting for Mike's mom to come help get the girls home, Mykee woke up screaming & complaining about her foot hurting SOOO bad. (it had fallen asleep as well).  I told her to stand up, move her foot around in circles & rub it, & it will get better.  She didn't buy my suggestions & insisted that we start the car & drive again.  I told her that we couldn't, the tire was broken.  Her shouting reply," But Mommy, just start the car & move... If we move, the tire will get better." 

Gotta love that kid ;)

The trouble makers themselves!

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  1. Hahahaha...that is too funny. I remember my younger brother when he would say bad words. us kids thought it was funny but my parents would get mad cause we woudl laugh and that made my brother say it even ore. He also had the prpblem with flipping people off too. It was never the middle finger though. He would flip you off with his index finger. Even though he didn't give the middle finger we knew what he was trying to say with that index finger!