Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gotta Luv This Girl

Adding a couple of adorable quotes from Mykee:

Last night, I told the girls they would have a surprise today. (My mom, aka Ma Teresa, was going to come visit them today to play.  Mckenzye & Mykee kept asking me to tell them their surprise, but I wouldn't break.  Out of frustration, Mykee said, "Mom, you're kidding me!!"  (She meant to say, you're killing me) LOL

This morning the girls were playing with their babies.  Mike's mom asked Mykee to pick up her toys she left in her room.  As Mykee was leaving Vickie's room, Vickie told her she forgot a few things.  Mykee replied, "I only have TWO hands... I'm NOT an octopus!!"   I about died laughing in the other room.


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  2. OMGosh I love the feathers too cute :)!!

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