Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Crazy Girl

Maycie has become quite the character.  She is definitely the most outspoken out of the three girls.  She randomly changes or extends her name based on her mood for the day or hour.  One of the her funny sayings lately has been:  "Yippie Coyoteeeee" as she prances around the house pretending to ride a horse.  

For the last month, her self proclaimed nickname has been Maycie Rhian Mickey Mouse Funny, however tonight it was Maycie Rhian Bunny.  When I asked her why she changed it, her response was, "I was hopping around like a bunny, so my name should be bunny." She is one funny little girl.  

Here she is with her little snowman that she was soooo proud of making a few weeks ago at Snowbowl.  As we drove home, she noticed the snow was melting the further we got into Flagstaff.  She was so concerned that her snowman was going to melt too.  She wanted him to stay there forever.  

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